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I finally got my new tablet...

2017-06-06 16:48:17 by SadisticAphid60


I'm making a pokemon comic based on an idea that I had a year ago. I've tried numerous times in the past to write and develop stories but I never followed through. This time it will be different. My new wacom tablet will be delivered on Tuesday so I'll be able to make draw digitally again. Oh yeah, I forgot to say that I lost the stylus to my prior tablet a few days ago. I've just finished writing the plot for the first part and will continue to practice drawing certain pokemon while I also sketch up the comic on paper. 

ここであなたの自閉症の話を聞いてください。あなたは現実世界について何も知らない。あなたがすることができるのは、お母さんの地下室に座ってチキンの小物を食べ、あなたの "ゲーム用PC"でゲイムをプレイする間に小便鍋を漕ぐことです。クソな人生を手に入れよう。ああ待って、あなたがすることはできませんし、あなたはできないでしょう。私はy'a'fuckin 'yer'自己を行くことを言っていたが、それは無駄なああ良いロープになるだろう。やっぱり血まみれの女。


2017-01-30 12:13:47 by SadisticAphid60



─────────────────────────▄▀▄ ─────────────────────────█─█ ─────────────────────────█─█ ─────────────────────────█─▀█▀█▄ ─────────────────────────█──█──█ ─────────────────────────█▄▄█──▀█ ────────────────────────▄█──▄█▄─▀█ LET THE VOICE OF LOVE TAKE YOU HIGHER ────────────────────────█─▄█─█─█─█ ────────────────────────█──█─█─█─█ ────────────────────────█──█─█─█─█ ────▄█▄──▄█▄────────────█──▀▀█─█─█ ──▄█████████────────────▀█───█─█▄▀ ─▄███████████────────────██──▀▀─█ ▄█████████████────────────█─────█ ██████████───▀▀█▄─────────▀█────█ ████████───▀▀▀──█──────────█────█ ██████───────██─▀█─────────█────█ ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ ███─▀─██──────█────▀█──────█────█ ███─────────────────▀█─────█────█ ███──────────────────█─────█────█ ███─────────────▄▀───█─────█────█ ████─────────▄▄██────█▄────█────█ ████────────██████────█────█────█ █████────█──███████▀──█───▄█▄▄▄▄█ ██▀▀██────▀─██▄──▄█───█───█─────█ ██▄──────────██████───█───█─────█ ─██▄────────────▄▄────█───█─────█ ─███████─────────────▄█───█─────█ ──██████─────────────█───█▀─────█ ──▄███████▄─────────▄█──█▀──────█ ─▄█─────▄▀▀▀█───────█───█───────█ ▄█────────█──█────▄███▀▀▀▀──────█ █──▄▀▀────────█──▄▀──█──────────█ █────█─────────█─────█──────────█ █────────▀█────█─────█─────────██ █───────────────█──▄█▀─────────█ █──────────██───█▀▀▀───────────█ █───────────────█──────────────█ █▄─────────────██──────────────█ ─█▄────────────█───────────────█ ──██▄────────▄███▀▀▀▀▀▄────────█ ─█▀─▀█▄────────▀█──────▀▄──────█ ─█────▀▀▀▀▄─────█────────▀─────█



2016-12-17 05:00:34 by SadisticAphid60


We are Number One!

2016-11-26 16:30:13 by SadisticAphid60

Finishing your requests

2016-11-15 18:24:00 by SadisticAphid60

I got a TON of requests and have slowly but surely been cranking them out a few at a time. If you requested that I draw your OC, you'll be getting it tonight or tomorrow morning. If you wanted me to draw a picture of you, you'll only have to wait a little bit longer.

I'll Draw Stuff For You

2016-11-09 14:00:35 by SadisticAphid60

I've got two drawthreads up, one for supporters and one for the general forums. I'm doing this to try and improve upon my artistic skill and also get some ideas for potential animations or comics in the future. Now that the election is over, the biggest thing I'm looking forward to is Christmas(fuck thanksgiving). When I get my wacom bamboo I can begin animating and making digital art. For now, I'll be making stuff with good ole water reed and papyrus. 

Supporter Drawthread:

General Drawthread:






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Who Needs Knives....

2016-11-01 11:18:17 by SadisticAphid60

When you've got cash?4824467_147801348452_IMG_0428.jpg